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Telerik Academy Alpha

Become a coveted
JavaScript Developer
in 6 months 


Transform your life

Telerik Academy Alpha will equip you with the real-world tech and soft skills you need to jumpstart your IT career.

  • It's okay if you have ZERO programming experience. Our free fundamentals course or self-paced materials will prepare you for Alpha
  • Upon graduation, you’ll be able to create real-world applications
  • You’ll have a professional-grade portfolio and our guidance to launch your career
Program duration

6 months, 100% focus on your studies to jumpstart a rewarding career


Monday – Friday (2:30 pm - 6:30 pm). Start: Oct 2


40+ hrs/week, including time for self-preparation and teamwork activities


For your safety, it will be held online. Keeping everything else unchanged


Conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English

Career jumpstart

JavaScript Developer, fully equipped for your IT career


Career webinar

Eager to learn more? Register for our career webinar on June 27!


Your fastest path to a fulfilling IT career

We’ll help you develop crucial programming skills for a lasting career as a JavaScript Developer.

1Start as a beginner. Graduate as an IT professional Become a well-rounded IT professional with 800+ hours of practical training. Master the skills tech companies demand in not more than 6 months.
2100% hands-on. 100% job-ready Our practical assignments, workshops, hackathons and the final end-to-end project help you build solid tech skills you can use from day one at your new job.
3Always an expert by your side We cap our groups at 40-45 students, so our experienced trainers can always be there for you. Get a personalized training approach, consultations and individual development plans.
4Your own professional-grade portfolio Build a strong portfolio of real-world projects with the latest technologies and frameworks. Showcase your skills and impress future employers.
5Cutting-edge tools Master the best programming practices and tools companies use. Collaborate effectively through Git and GitLab. Plan and schedule with Scrum and Kanban.
6Be a highly valued team member Enhance your communication, teamwork and personal skills with the help of our soft skills trainers. Learn how to thrive in an online job interview and remote work environment.
7Strong community and lifelong friendships Study in a tight-knit group of motivated learners. Get mentored by people who have been in your shoes - our alumni. Create a career-boosting professional network.
8Real-world work environment Our program is created to mirror real-work environment, foster collaboration and accelerate your progress. For your safety and convenience, it’s now online. Keeping everything else unchanged.
9Career coaching up to 6 months after graduation From crafting an outstanding CV and sharpening your interview skills to launching and excelling at your new career – our soft skills trainers will guide you all the way through.
10Connect with top employers Get to know our partners, their teams and cultures, and attain an inside look into the IT world. Start a job within our strong partner network or beyond.
years experience
job-seeking graduates
consider their Telerik Academy education a good investment
Why Choose JavaScript

Why become a Software Developer with JavaScript?

JavaScript developers are among the most highly-paid and sought-after professionals. It is a future-proof career, where you can constantly learn and excel.


JavaScript is the most popular programming language. With over 97% of all websites in the world using it - it’s everywhere around us.

It is an all-purpose programming language that you can use to develop web, mobile and desktop applications, front-end and back-end. 

Because of its popularity and great versatility, you’ll have a lot of career opportunities ahead if you choose JavaScript. 

It’s one of the more beginner-friendly entry points into the programming world.


Is this for me? Yes, if you're
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Motivated to launch your career in software development
  • Have zero or basic programming skills and good English language skills
How can I apply?
  1. Submit your online application
  2. Sit our entrance exam using a language of your choice - Java, C#, JavaScript, C++, Python

How can I ace the entrance exam?

New to programming

  1. Apply to our free programming course by completing your Alpha application by July 9. The course is not mandatory, but it'll help you prepare for Alpha.
  2. Participate regularly in the course and do all tasks to gain a solid foundation in JavaScript.
  3. Missed the fundamentals course? Don’t worry - you can still get ready for Alpha with our self-preparation materials.
  4. Sit our final entrance exam.
Important dates
  • June 6 - Sept 3 | Submit CV and application form
  • June 6 - July 9 | Apply to the fundamentals course by completing your Alpha application
  • July 20 - Aug 26 | Participate in the programming fundamentals course
  • Sept 5 | Sit final entrance exam
  • Oct 2 - Mar 22 | Study at Telerik Academy

Some programming experience

  1. Get ready for the entrance exam with our free self-preparation materials Also, test your skills with these mock exams.
  2. Join the early bird entrance exam by submitting your application by July 9. Save your spot in the program.
  3. Didn’t ace the early bird exam? Practice some more and sit the final entrance exam.
Important dates
  • June 6 - Sept 3 | Submit CV and application form
  • June 6 - July 9 | Submit CV and application form to sit early bird exam
  • July 11 | Take the early bird entrance exam
  • Sept 5 | Sit final entrance exam
  • Oct 2 - March 22 | Study at Telerik Academy


(New to programming)

  • june
  • july
  • aug
  • sept
  • oct
  • nov
  • June 6 - Sept 3 | Submit CV and application form.
  • June 6 - July 9 | Apply to our free fundamentals course
  • July 20 - Aug 26 | Participate in
    the fundamentals course and do all tasks
  • Sept 5
    Sit final
    entrance exam
  • Oct 2 - March 22 |
    Study at Telerik Academy


(Some programming experience)

  • june
  • july
  • aug
  • sept
  • oct
  • nov
  • June 6 - Sept 3 | Submit CV and application form.
  • June 6 - July 9 | Submit CV and application form to sit early bird exam
  • July 11
    Take early bird exam
    *Reserves you a spot
  • Sept 5
    Sit final
    entrance exam
  • Oct 2 - March 22 |
    Study at Telerik Academy

In short:

To get most of Alpha JavaScript, you must be fully dedicated

Program duration:

6 months:
Oct 2 - March 22
(800+ hours)


2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
(Attendance is required)

Time commitment:

40+ hrs/week
(including self-preparation
and teamwork)


Get ready for the program

From zero coding skills to Junior Developer - prepare for the Alpha entrance exam with our free self-preparation materials or our free instructor-led programming fundamentals course - designed for beginners, not mandatory but highly recommended.

During the course, you will:

Get trained by skilled professional in a comprehensive program that covers all the basics and prepares you for the next-level experience - Alpha
Learn alongside like-minded peers in small buddy groups with dedicated mentors
Be guided every step of the way - from ‘Hello World’ to acing our entrance exam


No programming skills are required. You must complete your Alpha application by July 9


6 Sessions: July 20 (6:00 pm - 9:00 pm) and July 29, Aug 5, 12, 19, 26 (10:00 am – 01:00 pm)


Participants will be selected based on their application and overall motivation


100% participation.

3-4 hrs/session and additional 5-6 hrs/week for self-preparation

Still have questions about the free programming fundamentals course? Explore our FAQ!

Program details

  • Hands-on tech
  • Learning online
    from anywhere
  • Teamwork and
    soft skills boost
  • Five-week
    trial period
  • Career

Hands-on tech education


Every class is combined with hands-on assignments, workshops and projects. With 100% focus on practice, we create a learning experience tailored to your needs, where our trainers become your mentors.

Learning online from anywhere


Enjoy an unparalleled program from the comfort of your home. We transitioned every aspect online to keep the same renowned high quality, engaging experience and hands-on training.

Teamwork and soft skills boost


To help you stand out from the candidate pool, we dedicate 20% of the program to polishing your personal and teamwork skills.

Two-month trial period


Our program sounds challenging, but it’s doable. Just try it yourself. With our five-week trial period, if you drop out at the beginning of the program, you don’t pay any tuition. Simple as that.

Career jumpstart


Meet our hiring partners, get dedicated career coaching and have the freedom and confidence to start a job anywhere in the IT industry - within or beyond our network.

Industry-validated curriculum

Perfected over the years and validated with companies, our Alpha JavaScript program
prepares you for your first IT job.

  • 01Weeks 1-6
  • 02Weeks 7-9
  • 03Weeks 10-12
  • 04Weeks 13-15
  • 05Weeks 16-19
  • 06Weeks 20-24
  • 07Graduation

JavaScript core

  • Build a solid JavaScript foundation through pair programming
  • Use the most effective developer tools and workflows
  • Learn how to version your code with Git and share it with your team
  • Develop a utility library with your team

Turbocharged learning and teamwork

  • Learn best practices shown by research to be most effective in helping you master tough subjects
  • Start building smarter new habits and skills
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination effectively
  • Improve your teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Get better at receiving and giving feedback
  • Learn how to work with people in different teams and with various skillsets


  • One week free of classes. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through self-preparation, individual and team assignments


  • Understand the core Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles 
  • Start using objects and classes to better structure and update your code
  • Master the science behind writing high-quality code and unit testing

Self-management and growth mindset

  • Find out how to overcome every career or learning challenge on your way
  • Understand how a growth mindset can boost your personal development
  • Improve your self-management and personal effectiveness

Data structures and algorithms

  • Solve more complex problems with JavaScript
  • Learn to use the right data structures for every scenario
  • Start writing recursive algorithms

Emotion and social intelligence

  • Discover more about empathy, emotional and social intelligence  
  • Learn how to leverage empathy and emotional intelligence to excel and grow


  • One week free of classes. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through self-preparation, individual and team assignments

Web development

  • Create responsive front-end web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 
  • Start building interactive web applications using real-world data

Project management

  • Get acquainted with the best project management practices
  • Add widely popular methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to your toolset

Front-end web development

  • Develop powerful, fast and responsive web apps with single-page application frameworks such as React  
  • Build secure full-stack applications and create great user experiences with ease

Effective communication and problem solving 

  • Enhance your communication skills, as they are crucial for every software developer
  • Learn useful tips and tricks on how to boost your critical thinking
  • Develop a systematic approach to problem-solving and master various problem-solving techniques


  • One week free of classes. You’ll be able to further strengthen your skills through self-preparation, individual and team assignments

Real-world project

  • Work in a small team and learn how to manage the entire development process
  • Create an end-to-end real-world web application from scratch
  • Apply common design and architectural patterns like MVC and REST
  • Practice version control and collaborative software development
  • Deploy your application to a production environment
  • Present your project in front of your peers, trainers and our partner companies

Accelerate your career

  • Get an inside look into the IT industry – meet our partner companies
  • Receive personalized guidance on creating a CV that will make you stand out
  • Prepare for job interviews with the help of our coaches


Congratulations! You’re now a Master Junior ninja, and ready to kick-start your career.

You will receive a Telerik Academy certificate – widely recognized in the IT industry in Bulgaria.

Career jumpstart services

We’ll guide you for up to 6 months after graduation to help navigate your job hunt and first months at work. 
  • Personalized feedback and expert review of your CV
  • Technical interview preparation
  • Career coaching on your job search strategy and career exploration 
  • Guidance - choosing the best place for you
  • Access to hiring partners through presentations and open house visits
  • Participation in our Career Days (job fair)
  • Bridge to mentors and alumni who share their tested job-hunting strategies
  • Access to practical career resources
  • Tips on how to rock the important first months on the job

Vast partner

Leading global and local
tech companies

100% freedom

Start anywhere in the
IT industry

Some of our partners through the years


    Your dedicated

    Passionate about teaching and devoted to helping people thrive – this is our stellar team supporting you.
    Kiril StanoevKiril Stanoev Technical Trainer
    Victor ValtchevVictor Valtchev Technical Trainer
    Desislava PetrovaDesislava PetrovaSoft Skills Trainer
    photo of natalia svetozarova a telerik academy alpha career coachNatalia SvetozarovaCareer Coach
    Polina AndreevaPolina Andreeva Program Coordinator

    Meet our alumni

    Our alumni jumpstart their careers in some of the best tech companies.

    Telerik Academy equipped me with the knowledge and tools needed to jumpstart my new career. The trainers made sure we build a solid foundation and master the core programming principles, making us versatile no matter the technology we use.

    georgi mateevPlamena Vladimirova
    experienced Sales Manager, now Software Developer at Tick42
    Read Plamena’s story

    Studying at Telerik Academy was a smart investment that has definitely paid off – after landing my new job, I felt so good – curious, calm and happy with both my professional and personal life.

    georgi mateevBorislav Borisov
    Senior Bank Officer, now Integration Consultant at BRIGHT
    Read Borislav’s story

    Telerik Academy is a great starting point for anyone who wants to jumpstart a career in the IT industry. It provided me with the underlying knowledge and practical experience needed to join the sector.

    georgi mateevDimitar Markov
    Technical Support, now Software Engineer at The Coca-Cola Company
    Read Dimitar’s story
    Apply now

    Portfolio projects

    You’ll be able to create applications that are at least as good as our alumni’s professional-grade projects. 


    Safe workspace portal

    This web portal helps multinational companies with a hot desk policy to improve their employees’ back-to-office experience after the COVID-19 lockdown. It considers elements such as teamwork, safety restrictions, the number of people infected in the country and more.


    Book library platform

    This library management app helps book lovers choose and seamlessly borrow and return books. It allows them to rate and leave reviews of the books they’ve borrowed as well as read and rate other reviews.


    Photo contest app

    Managing online photo contests has never been easier and more fun. Organizers can create and manage new contests, view past events and allow aspiring photographers to participate or assess other contestants. The best photos are displayed for everyone to see.

    Tuition model

    Joining Telerik Academy could be your single most important career investment - starting junior dev salaries range between BGN 1,600-2,300.

    Pay in installments after graduation Pay in full upfront

    BGN 248/month

    For 24 months with a bank partner*

    If you start a job at any
    non-partner company

    Apply now


    BGN 185/month

    For 24 months with a bank partner*

    If you start a job within our
    partner network

    Apply now

    BGN 5,500

    full tuition

    If you start a job at any
    non-partner company

    Apply now


    -BGN 1,400

    discount upon employment

    If you start a job within our
    partner network

    Apply now

    Terms tailored
    to your needs

    • Pay the fee in full or in installments with a loan from Allianz - a bank partner of Telerik Academy. No proof of income required for loan approval.
    • Start paying for your tuition up to 6 months of graduation in small installments over 12-24 months’ period. No upfront cost when paying with installments.
    • Drop-out with no consequences up to 5 weeks after the program start. Zero risk.
    • 25% discount off your tuition, if you are employed by a partner.

    **Illustrative installment payment method. Different terms may apply based on borrowers’ credit score and creditworthiness as well as the bank’s current offering.


    I have no programming skills, can I still join the program?

    Absolutely! If you have no programming skills, we highly recommend applying to our free programming fundamentals course. While the course is not mandatory, it provides an excellent opportunity to master the programming basics with the guidance of skilled professionals. By actively participating and completing all tasks, you'll be well-prepared to excel in the Alpha entrance exam. Participants in the preparation course are selected based on their application and overall motivation.

    I already have some programming skills, is the program right for me?
    Yes, during the program you’ll acquire practical skills while being mentored by our seasoned tech and soft skills trainers. You’ll master modern technologies, build a professional-grade portfolio to impress employers and get ready for a successful IT career jumpstart. To save your spot in the program, complete your application early on and sit our Early Bird entrance exam. 
    Are there any age restrictions?

    We've had students of various ages and stages of their lives in the past and they’ve succeeded in their journey to become developers. Age is just a number – the only thing that matters here is your motivation to learn, develop new skills and commit to the program. 

    You only need to be 18 years of age or older to enroll in the course. If you're younger than 18 years, you can check our Telerik Academy School programs. 

    How do I know if programming is for me?

    If you are ready to master new skills, you enjoy solving problems and working with people on fascinating projects, then you are off to a good start!

    Programming is for everyone motivated to learn and absorb new knowledge. Still, the best way to find out if it is for you is to start coding. Join our free programming fundamentals course and keep learning. Nail the entrance exam to our Alpha program, and, yes, keep coding under the mentorship of our experienced trainers. Pretty soon, you’ll know the answer, and don’t worry - if you decide that programming isn’t your cup of tea, you can drop out with no consequences up to 5 weeks after the program start. 

    What is the selection process?
    We use a holistic review process when evaluating applicants for admission. The final selection of candidates is not based on a simple formula of grades and test scores. Instead, we consider a variety of factors: application documents, entrance exam results, personal motivation for applying, etc. Some candidates might also be invited to attend an interview to discuss their career and development aspirations additionally. 
    Can I combine the program with my full-time or part-time job?
    To get the most out of the program and then jumpstart a rewarding IT career, you’ll need to 100% focus on your studies for 6 months. It will be difficult to impossible to maintain a full-time or part-time job while attending Telerik Academy Alpha JavaScript. 
    What are the tuition fees for the program? Do you offer discounts?

    The regular tuition fee for Telerik Academy Alpha JavaScript is BGN 5,500. You can either pay it in full upfront or in monthly installments of BGN 248* via a bank loan (based on a 24-month repayment schedule). 

    If you opt to pay with a bank loan, we are giving you a grace period of up to 6 months after graduation, during which you can focus on finding a job and not worry about any tuition re-payments.

    If, after graduation, you are employed by one of our partners, you will get a 25% discount and thus pay BGN 185*/month (based on a 24-month repayment schedule). If you’ve opted to pay your tuition upfront (BGN 5,500), should you start with a partner, you will get BGN 1,400 back. 

    We continue to offer students the option to pay for their studies with a tuition fee deferral with the help of the European Investment Fund (EIF) and our partnership with Allianz Bank Bulgaria. Individuals must be Bulgarian citizens and 18 years of age or older for the bank loan. They must have completed the application process for the Alpha program and be admitted to the chosen program.

    * Illustrative payment method.

    Do you offer career services?

    Yes! To help you stand out from the candidate pool, we dedicate 20% of our Alpha programs to polishing your personal and teamwork skills - how to manage feedback and expectations, ask the right questions, prioritize and much more. Plus, you will have a professional-grade portfolio. This includes your final project - a real-world web application built from scratch. And just before you graduate, our career services kick in to prepare you for the hiring process and to quickly settle into your new job.

    We are also right by your side, providing you with up to 6 months of career-related services designed to help your job hunt and first months at work.

    When will the next admission open?
    You can keep track of our upcoming programs by registering here, and be among the first to know.
    What are the recommended computer specifications for the Alpha program?
    We recommend a computer with the following specs:


    • 8 GB RAM
    • SSD
    • Intel Core / AMD Ryzen
    • Windows is the preferred OS, but Linux and Mac are also an option

    If you need help with choosing a new computer for the program, please use our forum.

    Have other questions?

    Check out our FAQ or visit the Forum.

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